About Ben


Thank you for visiting my website. 


I am based in North East Scotland, in the town of Montrose.  I really got into photography in a big way in 2015, when my partner (now wife) moved to Montrose from the midlands, bringing her camera gear (including some ‘spare’ gear) and great enthusiasm for her new surroundings.  I quickly began to realise that the world around me that I had taken for granted all my life was really rather special, and I had a way of exploring it, capturing it and creating.  I’ve always been creative, through artistic pursuits, especially music, but was never very good at drawing and painting.  Photography was something that allowed me to express my creativity.

Photography is an endless learning curve.  It is hugely rewarding to control the whole process of creating an image, from conception, to shooting it, to editing and printing.  However, it can always be improved upon – there is no ‘perfect’ image.

I love most types of photography, but I am happiest with a macro lens chasing butterflies and dragonflies.  I find this to be the purest form of the challenge of photography, as it takes hard work at every step of the process to create a good image - from knowledge of the subject and it's habitat, to camera technique, using lighting, and then editing and printing skills.  All my macro images are taken in the wild, no insects are artificially chilled, and all are very much alive.

Outwith the summer, I tend to lean more towards seascape photography, and love exploring the coasts around the North East of Scotland.

For wildlife photography, I'm not a fan of setup hides, so none of the images published here are taken from hides.  Obviously some animals and birds are harder to get near without a hide, and I have nothing against their use, it doesn't appeal to me.  I recently destroyed my telephoto lens too, so new wildlife photography opportunity is limited.