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Finding a use for photography

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Photography is a hobby, but beyond putting images into competitions, the subsequent anticipation, disappointment and then despair associated with them, and then putting them away in a box or on a hard drive, what good use is there? I put this website together as a kind of rolling portfolio of what I consider to be my best work, but frankly nobody ever looks at it, so it's little more than a pretty archive.

Social media has an instant dopamine hit from a handful of likes and a comment or two, but hard work is soon lost again among the screeds of inane memes and political nonsense.

I've been searching for something useful to do with my ever increasing library of images. I have had a few conversations with local people about the potential benefits of improved education about the wildlife and ecology of the Loch of Leys Local Nature Conservation Site, in which I spend a lot of my lunch hours during the summer months, chasing butterflies and dragonflies in particular.

It seems to me that a lot of people would like to see improved education and explanation of places like this, but delivering it tends to be a different matter. I therefore took the initiative, and designed two interpretive boards to be located adjacent to a new footpath that is being created by the company that I work for.

Click on the images for a full screen view in a new tab if you are on a PC, or pinch to zoom if you are using a mobile.

I very much hope that having something designed as a starting point will pave the way for this actually happening, as I think it will be a benefit to many people, and may lead to additional education boards being created on subjects I am not knowledgeable about, like flora and fauna.

Regardless, it was lots of fun, and whether or not they are installed on the site now rests with others. If they do get the go-ahead, it'll certainly make the process of studying the subjects and taking the photographs much much more worthwhile.

Huge thanks to Ian Hastie and Iain Cowe for providing additional images for the critters I have as yet been unable to capture!

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